Monday, 16 December 2013

Rajaka Community

                                       Rajaka Community

Rajaka community is also known as Dhobi community.The word Dhobi is from the Hindi language word of 'dhona',which means to 'wash'.The ancestors of the community took the occupation of washing clothes. The tradition is followed by the caste people over the time.The caste group is found throuhg out India.They follow the customs and traditions of the region,where they live.They speak in their mother tongue of the region. The caste has different names in different states in India.         

       Name of the State                                    Name of the caste 
      Andhra Pradesh                                              Rajaka ,Chakali    

      Karnataka                                                       Agasar, Madivala  

      Tamilnadu                                                        Vannar   

       Rajasthan                                                         Dhoba    
      Maharashtra                                                       Parit